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If you need to know what has happened to a structure or object since it was installed or what happens to it when subjected to load then the use of geomatics techniques might be the answer to your problem.

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Deformation Surveys in London and the UK

Deformation surveys can be critical if you are trying to establish what has happened to a structure after it has been built. A deformation survey involves the measuring and tracking of objects to verify alterations in their shapes or dimensions. This is often caused by external stresses created by applied loads and can be relevant to a variety of applications.

Highly accurate deformation surveys

At Axiom Geomatics, we can provide a detailed deformation monitoring survey in London or UK-wide at your chosen site. Our highly experienced deformation surveyors offer extensive geotechnical monitoring providing detailed reports and expert analysis. 

Typical applications where deformation surveying could be required include:

  • Construction areas
  • Viaducts or bridges
  • Historical buildings
  • High-rise buildings 

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Using our skills in deformation measurement and working with the latest instrumentation, we can provide expert surveys for objects and structures that are subject to any kind of deformation from the intended profile. This could be caused by structural deformities in an oil storage tank, for example, or additional and unforeseen loading on a bridge. 

Our work includes manual or automated surveys for structural and ground deformation monitoring projects. The output information can vary from a simple CAD drawing highlighting distance offsets, to a contoured and graded colour image similar to a relief map which instantly highlights deviation.

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