Monitoring Surveys : Movement Monitoring in Building & Structures

Offering a diverse range of precision monitoring services, Axiom Geomatics has extensive experience in the field of survey monitoring. If you require structural monitoring or deformation monitoring surveys, we have worked on many construction projects, assessing any movement within the structure.

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Axiom Geomatics offer specialist surveys to identify any type of movement in buildings and structures. As urban environments expand, and new projects compete with one another for limited available space, it is often essential to monitor possible movement within a structure.

We can assist with this at Axiom Geomatics, recording any type of movement through accurate and detailed measurements. Whether you are worried about the impact your construction is having on neighbouring properties, or you suspect you have movement in your own building, we can set up a monitoring system using a range of survey instruments, and provide detailed information over a period of time to ascertain if any movement has taken place.

All of the output information we provide as part of our movement monitoring services can take the form of a spreadsheet of three-dimensional coordinates, tabulated offsets or any suitable graphical representation, and we convey the information in the most user-friendly way.

Precision Monitoring Surveys for any Size or Scale of Project

At Axiom Geomatics, we understand that every project is different and this is why we offer unique precision monitoring surveys to suit any type of construction requirement. 

Our highly-skilled team of surveyors only uses the most accurate equipment and produces detailed monitoring data in easy-to-understand formats, with services tailored to your individual project. 

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