Topographical Surveys 

We can provide you with expert topographical surveys regardless of the size or the scale of the project. We are best-suited for projects in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas and can offer solutions throughout the United Kingdom when required.

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Topographical surveys are essential before you embark on any construction project. They serve to present you with an accurate picture of all man made features and natural contours of the area, including everything on the surface or just below, including:

  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Vegetation
  • Paving
  • Services and street furniture
  • Ornamental features
  • Ground profiles and contours 

Acting as a base for the design of your construction project, a topographical survey will ensure you encounter no unwelcome surprises throughout construction, allowing you to build a sound structure in an efficient manner.

We often supplement our surveys with surface-obtained drainage information, so you have all the knowledge you need to build a new structure without encountering unexpected difficulties.

We tailor our topographical surveys to your exact requirements and - with our expertise - can recommend any further information you may need, ensuring you have sufficient information for:

  • Residential buildings
  • Gardens
  • Commercial buildings
  • Road junctions & Railway stations

Our team of professional topographical surveyors have a wealth of experience conducting thorough surveys for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We produce topographical surveys using reflectorless-EDM equipment as stand-alone drawings to an arbitrary datum, or can utilise GPS tools to relate to Ordnance Survey or other pre-defined site datums. 

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