Setting-out & Site Engineering Services

Dealing with projects of all sizes, we deliver site engineering duties for a wide range of construction companies and have close working relationships with all of our clients. Should you require setting-out services we can't be beaten, no matter what the scale of the work.

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Setting-out Services 

As one of the leading specialists for setting out surveys in Hertfordshire and throughout the UK, we offer our clients a wide range of services, including site engineering duties for active or proposed construction projects on all sites and all sized projects. Our rich and extensive portfolio includes a variety of surveying and setting out procedures such as control network establishment, ground-works and many detailed surveys for housing developments, highways and civil engineering projects.

We extract key data from drawings and plans, mark out features on the ground, and provide our clients with a full complement of setting out services, such as:

  • Profile marking
  • Borehole positioning 
  • Grid-lines
  • Cladding support
  • Verticality surveys

Setting-out can be achieved using either parametric methods (angle and offset values) or by a coordinate method from traverse points or free stations, depending on the site and your individual requirements. Level datum provision and as-built surveys are also commonly included as part of our site inspections, and they can be tailored to your needs. 

Axiom Geomatics provides bespoke Setting Out/Site Engineering Services

All the site engineering services we provide here at Axiom Geomatics are completely tailored to the individual project and site requirements by highly skilled surveyors, who conduct all work with total professionalism and to the highest possible standards.

As construction surveying experts, it doesn't matter what type of site engineering duties you want us to complete, or when you want the setting out to take place, we have the skills and the experience to deliver the project providing everything that is required.   

For more information, and to see how our services can make a difference to your proposed construction project, please get in touch with us today or call us on 01707 596 534.  

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